Go with the Flow of Well-being: the Path of Least Resistance

The same energy that creates worlds is steadily flowing to each of us at all times. Yet sometimes we are pinched off from experiencing this flow. We long for connection to the continual flow of well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually because that is what we are as from Source; and yet, our life experiences interject challenges.

These challenges are in full cooperation with the laws of the universe which is continually expanding. As part of creation, we are called to expand too. However, when challenges arise many of us begin to believe that life is hard, that well-being must be earned, and that there is a scarcity in well-being in one form or another. Our experiences then draw more evidence for the lack of well-being, and we focus ever deeper on that lack (because, of course, that’s “reality”).

We want well-being, but our lived experience says there isn’t enough, or that well-being must be earned in some way. As we hold on to our belief in the lack of well-being, we hold ourselves in opposition to Source Energy which is the continual flow of well-being.  We are not going with the flow of the energy that creates us.  We are resisting the flow of well-being and cannot receive what we say we want.  The path of least resistance means going with the flow of well-being, the omnipresent energy that creates worlds and is flowing freely to each of us at all times.

The path of least resistance does not mean merely going along with what those around us think we should do, or what is easiest from their perspective.  That is going with their flow, but we each have our own connection to Source energy.  If aligning to others needs or wants requires us to resist the flow of well-being which is flowing to each of us, we are swimming upstream.  While we cannot stop the flow of well-being innate to the Universe, we can make ourselves miserable by resisting it on any level.  Can we allow ourselves to receive this gift as our innate birthright?

Let us become aware of areas of our lives where there is evidence of a blockage in the free-flow of well-being. Is there a blockage in vitality? Is there stress and anxiety rather than ease? Is there a stagnation in joy and creativity?  Through awareness we can choose to stop swimming upstream.  We can develop practices which support our moment-to-moment  release of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resistance while allowing the flow of well-being to carry us instead.  Go with the flow!